A sampling of completed project designs

Customer requested Logo for Golf Tourney in Cynthiana, KY on its wrought iron stand

Very old pattern with new glass

Customer requested Logo for Golf Tourney in Cynthiana, KY

A custom piece for stand

Embellished butterfly

Customized broken plate turned into hanging sun catcher

LED back-lit ocean project for a bathroom

Client custom Cardinal circular panel

Client custom project with LED lighting

An arch transom with Moon, stars and purple mountains

A simple rose

Completed Lazy Daisy

Lazy Daisy bevel using transparent pale green border bevels and Lazy Daisy bevel, teal water glass, under construction

Completed military badge

Military badge under construction

Custom cross for dearest of friends

Auburn colors, blue geodes and transparent nuggets and glass, cathedral glass

A custom agate and geo shapes under construction

An example of a wedding invitation embellished with nuggets, glass and chain

Completed tulip panels for lantern

Tulip detail

Lantern #1 under construction

Teal agate with teal transparent and clear frosted glass

Ambers, blue and reds, the completed Starflower and tulip transom

Starflower and tulip under construction

My favorite stained glass quote

UK Heart

Antique plate with cobalt blue cigar band design

Glass class July 2017 Lansing Michigan

Round with interesting color choices completed at glass class in Lansing Michigan at Delphi July 2017

Completed orange and red transom

Under construction; Orange and red transom, star flower and tulip

Custom squares, with rectangles and dichron glass necklace piece woven in

Purple and lime green jeweled flower pattern

A custom Texas piece to commemorate a wonderful trip out west, complete with agate charm

Charm sun-catchers add whimsy!

Big blue beautiful butterfly

Cattail panels installed

Triple cattail panel under construction

My first bevel piece, soft lavender accent trim

Can be done in many color variations!

Completed cattail with butterfly charm

round geometric

antique pattern

Building my first cattail piece

Another sunflower

A sunflower

Old fashioned tulip

A little butterfly sun catcher

The patterns that started it all! Thanks Gretchen and Kim!