I Love Glass!

I'm from a small town in North Central Kentucky and was never exposed to stained glass anywhere other than rural and city churches. When a close friend recently suggested we do a copper foil stained glass class one day, I was excited to learn about something I knew little about. From day one though, I've been hooked - from my first class piece pictured above to any of these current pieces for sale, I can't get enough or learn enough.  I realize stained glass artists are a dime a dozen, hey, the more the merrier, but I will always to try tweak a pattern or do things a little better and different to set myself apart.  I've been honing my soldering skills, my foiling skills, and have now learned how to do a large came piece. I get a lot of satisfaction from pleasing my customers who want to fix old pieces, or save a shard of a treasured broken plate and incorporate it into a panel.  I enjoy making sun-catchers for holidays, custom monogram panels for front doors, and anything in-beetween. Each piece is cut to shape, with glass cutters, nippers or a wet saw. The meticulous polishing and copper foiling of each piece is necessary for longevity and beauty, so I take my time. Once pieces are assembled, they're soldered with care at a slow pace to ensure clean and neat solder lines. I leave some solder silver, but most items get patina in black or copper. Then I frame in wood or zinc, depending on the piece. I take custom orders; I don't put much on Etsy to keep costs down. I have now completed several courses in lead came, which is different from the copper foil method. I have also completed commissions entirely in lead came, usually required for larger size panels, transoms and doorways. Enjoy the pics and reach out if I can create something beautiful for you!